Shah Rukh Khan is in real a calm and composed person; however, being a normal human being, he also have a right to get angry if he is being pranked mysteriously. Usually, we have seen his being witty all the time and someone who lighten up the mood with his humor. But, the video you are going to see is something you probably won’t believe seeing once.


Well, SRK is having a huge fan following in Dubai; he was there for some activities related to promotions of his next with Imtiaz Ali. Everything went fine until a prank was played on him.


The actor is fine with small pranks, but particularly this one made him super-angry. He was called as a guest at “Ramez Underground”, an Arabic TV show. When SRK arrived, he together with a female actress fell into a mud pit. This was not it; the duo become more scared when they saw a chameleon turning toward them.



At the end, the show host revealed that it was all a prank, King Khan lost his temper as soon as he got to know that it was all Prank. Well ! who won’t ? This results in SRK bashed the anchor and left. Generally,he don’t loose his temper but this time the things were unacceptable. The actor also punched the anchor and abused him.

Here is the video: 


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