Donald Trump delivered a warning to North Korea in his visit to South Korea. In his speech, Trump says that the weapons which North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is acquiring are not making them safer. But they are putting you in grave danger.”

In his speech, Trump called all nations to join forces and to isolate the brutal administration of North Korea. He deny any kind of support, acceptance or supply.

Speaking at the Korean national assembly in front of lawmakers, the US president Donald Trump offered a brighter path and said that “If Pyongyang abandoned its weapons, leaving the door open to diplomacy, but also warned that the US was prepared to use military, if necessary.”

He said that the world would not tolerate North Korea and any other nuclear provocations. He already called China and Russia to resolve the nuclear crisis by downgrading the diplomatic relations with the Pyongyang.

As we all know that China is North Korea’s important diplomatic ally and the largest trading partner. After speaking in assembly of South Korea, he flew to Beijing. In China, he will meet Xi Jinping on the next leg of his tour.

Trump says that, “It is our duty and responsibility to confront the danger together and the longer we wait, then the  the danger grows greater and the options become fewer.”

Here is the video of Donald Trump Speech in South Korea-



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