A 22-year-old guy has been caught and imprisoned for killing a dog who were about to conceive and  the more disgusting part was he consciously had sex with the corpse in Hyderabad, according to police said.

The accused has been figure out as Aslam Khan, a Delhi resident. He has disclosed his crime of killing the pregnant dog and also having sex with the dead body along with another man.

Aslam was red-handedly caught by Mailardevpally resident Jahangir somewhere near an open plot, Monday morning about 7 in the morning. Jahangir, along with the people nearby , caught Aslam and hand him over to the police.

Aslam Khan confessed that he along with his friend attack the dog before doing sexual harassment. “We have sent the corpse of the pregnant dog for post mortem, to the government hospital at Rajendra Nagar.

In his own statement, Aslam told police about how he came to Hyderabad to meet his friends, who works as labour in a factory in Hyderabad’s Pahadi Sharif area. He along with 10 of his friends consumed liquor and started off to sleep somewhere around a liquor store on sunday night.

The accused further that when his friends went to their daily schedule  the next morning, he with another man, had done such a shameful act.

Aslam was also taken to a government hospital for examine him medically. Police have filed a case against him under sections 429 (mischief of killing, maiming an animal) & 377 (unnatural offence) of the IPC.


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