Mistakes are an ordinary course of action ! it happens with everyone. Infact we all must have done that once in a lifetime that had put us on stake or our image on stake, grammatical errors and typos are just a matter of chance. But being such a reputed company and such a carelessness is not acceptable, since the error is such huge in size i.e (billboard on the street) it just can’t go with it.

Someone might get thrown out of their job because of such a mistake, Exactly if those errors would raise question on the kind of service which you are offering.

This is what happened with a billboard of Dr. Lal Path Labs limited, diagnostic centre who are healthcare tests conductors across the nation. Somewhere in Kolkata, in their billboard poster in a street that caught attention of Tweeple and they have noticed something which on a first instant wouldn’t be on focus that much.

In the ad. a doctor was sitting and checking out an X-ray report with all dedication as if some serious disease the patient is going through and at the right side there are services offered by the Lab. Everything sounds fine ! right?

Now have a look at the picture again? Did you find it? No? have a look at the X-ray!

Yes, that’s it… the X-ray is upside down, and people on social media caught it quickly

Here we have the advertisement and those witty  reactions :



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