The incident took place around 10 pm, Delhi metro ran with one door open between Chawri Bazar and Kashmere Gate on yellow liine which connects North Delhi to Gurugram.


In a freakish incident, Delhi metro train packed packed with people ran with one of its gates open between Chawari Bazar and Kashmere Gate stations on yellow line.  And the incident took place on Monday 10 pm on the busiest line of the Delhi metro network. But it was an unusual incident because the metro operating system is designed in the way that metro trains can’t leave a single station until all doors are locked.



Delhi metro officials said “Problem was only with the one door and it was guarded by DMRC staff and the train was taken to Vishwa Vidyalaya station to avoid any delay or bunching”. And after the incident the train operator was suspended for Safety Lapse.

A similar incident had also occurred in July 2014, when a train had run with the all doors open between Ghitorni and Arjangarh metro stations on the same line. And in 2012, a passenger’s ankle had got stuck in the door of  metro train forcing him to stick on to the door till the metro train reached the next station.


Here is the Video-

And the People tweets after the incident-







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