The recent circular of  Supreme Court’s firecracker ban in Delhi & NCR  ruined the expectation of many enthusiasts who have planned to celebrate diwali with burning the crackers. A three judge council on the bench of apex court decided on November 11, 2016, an order which has suspended all the licences permitting “sale of fireworks (through any means)  within the territory of Delhi & NCR”. A quick perspective through the social media will show you how many human being, which also including Chetan Bhagat were pissed pleased with the latest SC’s notification. One of  The best-selling author of a time, who has been an active social media user , Choose Twitter to share the perspective he own about the recent ban and also raise some issues.

In quiet a series of tweets, Bhagat choose expressing his dissatisfaction by asking, “SC really bans fireworks this Diwali? A full ban? What will be Diwali for children without firecrackers?” He then continue asking, “Can I ask on crackers ban. Why only guts moderating Hindu festivals? Banning sacrificing goat on Eid and Muharram bloodshed soon too?” he Adding saying , “Banning crackers this Diwali will be like banning Christmas trees on Christmas eve and those goats on Bakr-Eid. better will be to Regulate it. Don’t just ban it totally. Respect every traditions.” His tweets went viral, any many started opposing him.

These are his tweets.


To which this is how Mr. Shashi Tharoor Reacted : 


Here are some of the reaction he has got through social networking website :

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नाम शाहरुख, वो बाहें फैलाकर क क किरण वाला नहीं। ये जो कच्चा-चिट्ठा का वेबसाईट बड़े मजे मे चला लेते हो न, यह सब इन्ही का डिजाइन किया हुआ है। इनके घर का चिकन पूरे संसार मे मशहूर है। चूर-चूर नान खूब खाते हैं। मिर्च खाने मे इन्होने तोते को भी पछाड़ दिया है।


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