NEW DELHI: BSF constable Tej Bahadur Yadav who earlier posted a video complaining substandard food quality  which in no time went viral, in the month of January. This time he has posted another video where he had shown how much mental and physical torture and harassment he has gone through for standing up against such an activity.

This time in his video he has shown how brutally he has been treated right after he had posted that video. How his seniors treat him which no way turns out to be justifiable. He had asked PM Modi :

do he deserve this ??

Don’t he deserve justice ??

Do this cost him for standing against what’s wrong?

Does this would be result of standing up for everyone?

He in his video conveyed that “I stood up against corruption in my department because Prime minister is exposing corruption everywhere he could, I want everyone to ask PM why am i being tortured ?
The Jawan also Remind people not to believe in false rumors about him being connected to Pakistani Intelligence.

What else pointed out was a lot of his Facebook friends belong to Pakistan and what is confusing every fact of the case here is his first video getting over 9.9 million views and almost 4.4 lakh shared done so far. In the video he has mentioned that his phone was taken over for almost 10 days and many of the changes have been made in between.

What we want you to focus on

Is why in our society people are harrased for standing up against something wrong… ? Why are we so underconfident when it comes to speak up for truth? Why we don’t feel like appriciating and supporting someone who stood up for good ?

Everybody wants change but nobody stands for it  !!!



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