One of the most heinous crimes a person can commit is Rape but hellacious punishment is also there for rapists. Rape affects someone from Physically to emotionally, but what about the culprit’s punishment? Different countries around the world have different laws and brutal punishment for sexual assault.

The government of different countries across the globe made sure that rapist gets punishment for their heinous crime. To keep you aware about the punishments, here we’ve collected brutal punishments against Rape in different countries around the World.

Have a look at the rape punishments which different countries have decided for convicted rapists.

1. India

The punishment for rape in India is life imprisonment (7 years to 14 years)  and even the death sentence (Rarest cases). In India, the cases took many years to come to a conclusion.

2. USA

In the USA, there are two laws – Federal law and State law which decide the punishment of convicted Rapist. If the case falls under federal law, the rapist gets few years of imprisonment to rapist’s lifespan. Basically, it all depends on the trail and the crime of Culprit.

3. Saudi Arabia

They are too strict regarding Rape punishment, a public beheading is one and only the brutal punishment for convicted rapist in Saudi Arabia.

4. Russia

The convicted rapist is liable for three to twenty years imprisonment in Russia. While the punishment depends on the person’s crime and the degree of brutality.

5. Norway

In Norway, the punishment depends upon the damage to the victim. Normally, the Rapist gets a punishment of 4 to 15 years.

6. North Korea

There is no leniency for the heinous crimes in North Korea and the convicted rapist get instant death by firing squad.

7. Iran

Punishment of Rapists depends upon the degree of crime. They still follow the basic punishment sentenced to death by hanging.

8. Egypt

Egypt is one of the places which gives punishment of death by hanging. We totally agree that there should be no humanity for convicted Rapist.

9. France

In France, the 15-year sentence is the basic punishment for rape, but it can also be extended up to 30 years or life imprisonment.

10. Afghanistan

It all depends on the judgement by the court but primarily the convicted rapists are hanged to death or shot in the head.

11. China

The only Punishment for rape in China is death, while Castration is also given in some cases (the removal of testicles of a male).

12. Israel

In Israel, the rapist gets the punishment of 16 years or life imprisonment. The rapist’s punishment depends upon the crime.

India is one of the countries where women are facing maximum sexual assaults. Well, we have good laws against rape, but sadly it’s a long process of punishment.


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