A good !! infact a marvelous news is going to be introduced by DELHI Metro’s airport line. Well now you won’t feel bored of the silence during your journey in the airport line. Soon Delhi Metro is going to introduce music on its airport line !! such a soothing news it probably be.

Now this would freshen up the morning !! not for peace lovers though!! Since the authorities have realized more than 80% of the travellers wear earphones, so the authority is planning that metro had some soft music playing. The  authority is planning to start a demo in the airport line firstly.

If it worked out well, they will do the same to other lines of metro as well !! although the only issue is that the music which is going to be promoted here is world famous dentist/elevator music !!

What we think of ‘soft music’  is something like coldplay’s fix you or probably be rahat fateh ali khan’s hit or any other soothing voice. But it seems like  dentist songs is all we are getting a a surprise !!

Well !! let’s see what authorities finally settled to !! it is yet to be declared !!

We wish the music concept would also get introduced in Delhi metro as well.



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