In the last episode of Bigg Boss 11, contestants failed in the luxury budget task. Vikas and Benafsha score the highest points in the luxury budget task.

The luxury budget task created quite a mess in the house, Vikas was hell bent on winning the task but Shilpa is not the one who bow down out easily. So, things come to a head as Shilpa Shinde attacks him over a perceived slight.


In the video, Shilpa Shinde walking towards Vikas camp and then her anger breaks. Other housemates rush in to stop the fight which could take an ugly turn if they won’t come. Check out the video of that incidence here:



Akash Dadlani who kicks everyone in side whenever he makes an appearance. In last episode, singing a different tune, a rap and it looks like he is taking the inspiration from Dhinchak Pooja. After this everyone was laughing, check out the rap song here-



So, sit in the front of your Television screens and be ready to get a heavy dose of fun awaits you. And keep watching this space for more updates.


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