Missed last night’s episode of Bigg Boss 11? Don’t worry we are here with the updates of most controversial reality show Bigg boss.

In last episode of Bigg Boss 11, the nomination task brings some new challenges for the housemates. The big one was, Priyank Sharma shaves his head to save Hiten.

The nominations task begins in the house. In the garden area, a tower is built and a phone is also kept at a table up there. Every time, when the phone rings then a contestant has to climb and answer the phone call.

First was Hina, who is informed that she has a chance to save herself from eviction. If Luv got zero written with mehendi on his forehead. Luv instantly agrees, Bigg Boss announces that Hina Khan is safe from the nominations. Hina Khan sheds tears and hugs him.

Akash was the next one and he asked to get Hiten to shred his family photo. Hiten completed that task and saves Akash. After the task, he touched Hiten’s feet.

Hiten’s turn to climb the tower. He gets the task by Bigg Boss to shave priyank’s head. As we all know, Hiten had saved Priyank, a few weeks ago. So it was a payback time for Priyank and he decides to sacrifice his hair, Hina shaves his head with the trimmer. Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan make fun of Luv and Priyank. They said that one bouncer had zero on his forehead and the other one had become bald. After this Hina Khan gets angry and says that they have no emotions. While Shilpa Sinde says to Arshi Khan that Priyank is just pretending to be nice by this task.

Priyank nominated next and Bigg Boss asked him to convince Benafsha to get nominated for next two weeks. And Benafsha saves Priyank and nominates herself.

So keep reading this space for more updates.


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