In the last episode, Bigg Boss 11 introduced the luxury budget task “Mission BB 11” to the contestants. And this luxury budget task will affect the amount of Rs 50 lakh.

In the task, there is a rocket like structure which is fixed in the lawn area and there contestants have to sit. Puneesh Sharma was the sanchalak of the Luxury budget task. But he can’t participate in the task and have to keep his eyes on other contestants.

The contestant who leaves the task and steps out from the rocket first will get a chance for the captaincy. But the condition is that with every contestant leaving the task, fixed amount will be deducted from the Rs 50 lakh (winning total). Arshi Khan was the first contestant to quit the task.

The housemates failed in “Mission BB11”, it turned the winning amount to zero.

Puneesh Sharma, who was asked to keep his eyes on the contestants. But he leave the housemates to themselves and then go inside to spend time with Bandgi Kalra.

Hina Khan and some other contestants took an advantage of this and stepped down from the rocket and then get back in spacecraft before he is back.

Bigg Boss already scolded Puneesh Sharma for the lack of interest and irresponsible behaviour in the task. Hina Khan, who convinced the contestants to step out from the spacecraft  for a while blames herself for the loss and also break down.

Here is the video of failure of housemates in luxury budget task and the breakdown of Hina Khan.

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