Missed last night’s episode of Bigg Boss 11? Don’t worry we are here with the updates of most controversial reality show Bigg boss.

In last episode, Captain Puneesh was asked to select 8 contestants for nomination. And contestants were asked to nominate between the 8 contestants. The last episode showed ugly fight between Priyank Sharma and Arshi Khan. Priyank called Arshi Khan a “shameless woman” and also said that she roams around naked.

While Bandgi and Puneesh are sharing the bed. After that Hina Khan Calls Bandagi and Puneesh Insane For Getting Intimate on screen. She said to Hiten that Bandgi and Puneesh were getting cosy last night. She feels pity for Bandagi’s family and how will they face their family. While Akash removes Puneesh and Bandgi’s blanket.

Bandgi talks to Shilpa Shinde about Benafsha. Bandgi says that Benafsha said to Akash not to remove blanket because she doesn’t wear her proper clothes while sleeping.

Benafsha provokes Akash and said that she will take revenge. And the other side Vikas went to Priyank and Hina Khan to stop Benafsha but Hina Khan says that Benafsha is just frustrated and she is fighting for her. He should have taken her side instead of stopping her from fighting.

Benafsha already cleared the air that she warned Puneesh and Akash not to be on her bed. Bandgi said that you can’t pull Puneesh between this issue.
Hina said that Puneesh was also listening to the Benafsha’s conversation then why was he staring at her like this?

Benafsha pulled Akash’s hair and then he complained to Bigg Boss. And the other side Bandgi tries to calm down her partner Puneesh by taking him to washroom and there he cries on Bandagi’s shoulder.

While Akash said that both Luv and Priyank are Hina’s dogs. She said Akash not to take her name and warned him not to come near her.


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