Bigg Boss 11 has been taking so many twists and turns because the contestants are constantly fighting, bickering, abusing each other. It’s just been three weeks of the most controversial reality show Bigg Boss, but some contestants seem front runners to win the show. So here we are telling you about the 5 contestants of Bigg Boss 11 who desrve to win and why they can be the winner of the show.


Vikas Gupta

The former media professional looked really unsafe in the beginning when he cried being bullied by Shilpa Shinde, but now he has placed himself well in the house. Vikas Gupta is a good strategist as everyone witnessed it, when he saved Sabyasachi on Monday’s episode from the nominations. He is getting support too from his fans too.

Shilpa Shinde

She has already demonstrated how badass and tough she can be if the situation demands it. She fought with many people but now she is trying to make some friends in the house. She also saved Hiten from nominations.

Arshi Khan

She is completely unexpected in the house and now she is getting more and more fans with each passing day. Her dramas might be annoying for the contestants but the audience is appreciating her because of straight-forward nature.

Hina Khan

She is totally playing on her own inside the Bigg Boss house and she hasn’t made any friends yet as she loses her temper every time. She thinks very highly about herself and this is working in her favour. But, she needs to rethink about her strategy as she can’t play the victim card everytime.

Sapna Chaudhary

She has a good support during the voting and a week back she was in a better position when she had Puneesh but now she needs to shine alone. Her dance with Hina during a task proved that she can be friendly too during desperate times.



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