Do you remember that any  incident which bombarded with tweets earlier this year. Well, If you hear what is trending on the internet right now, then your khatiya will definitely blown away.
We are talking about those khaat (charpais) that our dada and pardada used to lay and rest on. The same khaat that has also been the subject of many Bhojpuri songs?



Yes, this charpai is going to be funny after the Australian guy decided to post this ad for the very fancy charpoy for an amount of AUS $990 and it is around Rs.50,000.

Traditional Indian day and extremely comfortable. Description is made from the beautiful maple timber and have strong tenon and mortis joints with manila rope, 100% Australian made.

Australian Charpoy For $990 And Twitter explode it with ‘Palang Tod’ Tweets-








This advertisement reminds us the funny song “sarkai lo khatiya jada lage’ and tweets are too funny to be handled.


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