No one can deny the fact that we are living in a nation that’s totally obsessed with skin colour.


In almost every household, young girls and guys are taught to understand that fair or light skin is way better. Mothers make haldi & besan face packs with a hope that it’ll lighten up skin tone of their daughters.


It’s an issue that has been raised at large, and many people have spoken up about how this issue of skin color biasness affected them since they are growing up.


In Aranya Johar’s latest views titled “A Brown Girl’s Guide to Beauty” she is talking about how beauty product brand and the people around them humiliate them for being brown.



These thoughts are important at a point when we’re teaching kids how to embrace their identities and there value by not be ashamed and afraid of themselves. Young parents could learn something out by this poem, so that they won’t end up body shaming their ow like what our parents and relatives like uncles and aunties have been doing since.


What’s disturbing about this all scenario though, this such issue is presented by under hashtag of “Wanted Fair Brides and Grooms”. Basically, is planning to go for image update by relating themselves with socially economic conscious content. Although it is not neccessary, the option  (I checked just to be doubly sure).

Watch Aranya Johar’s poem here :


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