A pregnant woman on sunday evening in Noida was crushed to death by a car. This accident in Noida happened when parking attendant was pulling out a car.

According to reports, the attendant suddenly lost control of the car and crashed into the couple who was passing by.

The pregnant woman was declared dead and her husband is in a critical condition. He has been admitted to the hospital after the incident.

The victim identified as Mansi Singhal. The couple were carrying a cake when the accident happened.

The car has been seized and parking attendant has been arrested. The relatives of the couple have demanded action against the culprit.

One of the relatives of couple said that they were out for shopping in Atta Market, when the incident happened. Relative said that, “Parking attendant was 14 years of age reversed a car in high speed and hit twice. It was the fault of parking contractors who gave the parking responsibility to minors. And even walking here is not safe now, when you have minors parking cars.”




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