Hijras are secretive about their customs and lives, which makes people curious to know about their origins, customs, lifestyle, traditions and livelihoods. From mainstream traditions and customs, they have created their own things and made a space for themselves in the society. And now we have been flown with many myths and anecdotes about the (Hijras) third gender of India.

In Ancient Times they were worshipped and also worked for Islamic rulers, so what is the reason that they are now widely feared. They hold the position in the society, but still are not accepted by the world. And they spend just a normal life like other people.

Here we are with some myths and facts about the Hijras of India that some people not be aware of-

1. Hijras are from the ancient times and mentioned in Mahabharata and Islam

The origin of transgenders are from ancient times, and mentioned in the epic Mahabharata, Islam. The ritual of Hijras(transgenders) has a Hindu origin, but practised by Muslims as well.

2. They can foretell the events

Hijras (transgenders) have a super ability to percieve events of the future. Their power is too strong that they can also forsee their death.

3. Hijras worship Shiva’s Ardhanarishvara form

They worshipped the form of Shiva, “Ardhanarishvara” means the Lord whose half is woman with his shakti. Hijras use to visit the temples of lord shiva which offers them respect and special power.

4. The festival at Koovagam

Koovagam, a small village in the Madras is the place of annual festival of transgenders. here they experience both ceremony of marriage and widowhood.

5. Secret language called ‘Hijra Farsi’

Due to the social status of transgenders, they used a secret language known as ‘Hijra Farsi’. this language is based on Urdu with a mixture of some unique vocabulary.

6. Involved in prostitution

In India, Hijras often work as sex workers and involved in prostitution too. And their major source of income is working as sex workers.

7. Granted basic civil right

In countries like India and Pakistan, Transgenders granted the basic civil right same as other citizens. They have an option to identify as ‘Eunuchs (E)’ in the passports or any of the other official documents.

8. Pray Bahuchara Mata

They belong to a special caste and pray the goddess Bahuchara Mata whose primary temple is in Gujarat. Hijras pray Mata for the forgiveness and wish that in next life, bahuchara mata will bless them with a clear gender.

The attitude of people towards Hijras is changing and they are given identification in the country. And many of the organizations are working on this too.  We hope you liked the story!!


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