A simple resolution can change your life. like, If you decide to never abuse, your world will change. So If you take a small resolution to make your country a Good and better place to live, then your country will lead towards development. Just take a small pledge, means a Sankalp. Your one pledge that helps to transform India!!

Basically the Idea behind Sankalp Parva on 15th August is to involved people in the process of Nation’s Developement. Just take the inspiration from the Quit India Movement 1942 & climaxed in 1947 in which people forgot about all of the dividing barriers and everyone joined the movement against the British Government.

Now it’s your turn and if you want to win the battle against the social evils that stopped our nation’s growth. So this idea of an Indian government seems to be Creative and Interesting.

From 70 years, our Nation’s Independence Day celebrations are the same speech from red fort and the same yawning of people.

So this time, Government has included some flavor by acquiring the Quit India Movement & the pledge factor. The government has encouraged Indians with new objectives, revitalized their energy to assemble New India.

Let’s Get Nostalgic and know About the “Quit India Movement”

The movement was started on 9th August, 1942 by INC (Indian National Congress). This movement is also called August kranti , played a major role in uniting a nation, which was divied over castes, religion, languages. The motivation from the movement was Do or Die.

“Quit India” Speech by Gandhiji

In the speech he said “I am not going to be satisfied with anything short of complete freedom. May be, he (the Viceroy) will propose the abolition of salt tax, the drink evil. But I will say nothing less than freedom.” and this speech by gandhiji set the nation on fire.

Postal Stamp on “Quit India Movement”

This movement was the blow to the British Government & set the foundation  for Independence of India.

India’s First Independence Day Celebrations

In this picture Lord Mountbatten saluting the Flag of India and his wife Lady Edwina standing in the background with Nehruji on side.

People Celebrated the First Independence Day on the Streets

People Gathered at Rashtrapati Bhawan and celebrated the First Independence Day

Postal Stamp on India’s Independence

 Newspapers reported India’s Independence


Mann ki Baat-

In prime minister Narendra Modi’s “Mann ki baat”, he introduced “Sankalp Se Siddhi”. Prime Minister said that this is India’s 70th “Independence day” & 75th “Quit India Movement” anniversary, so it is the right time to change our country once and forever. and he also asked people to take a Sankalp in 2017 & get Siddhi in 2022.

We earned Freedom by so many sacrifices. The sacrifices made by  Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad and other revolutionaries cannot be denied.

So now what’s your Sankalp?

What’s Your Sankalp and You can take your Sankalp (Pledge) at www.newindia.in.

Go to this website and take your pledge. 


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