Nothing could make you more thrilled than planning a road trip with your pals. From the excitement of packing your clothes to doing some last minute shopping of things you would need during the journey, planning the places you would going to be stopping on to booking hotels, checking fuel in car and all the related stuff with it, we make sure that this planned trip will go perfectly well.

But despite of planning which we think complete, something down the line went without. Regardless of how distinct we are as people, some things would surely be going through. Through these 7 things we have sum up your going to be or the recent tour, all in  one . So watch it, you surely gonna relate with it.

1. Forming that perfect playlist you’ll be listening throughout the journey.

Making that perfect playlist which will be tuned in throughout the trip is actually the one from where you are going to start.  As the journey would going to be long, you need to have a big collection of songs throughout. Infact, the music collection is something you can skip at no cost, totally incomplete without it !


2.Constantly stopping on places to click selfies ( mandatory thing )

Taking selfies as many as you can is a trend these days ! taking a selfie stick is much important than taking your toothbrush with you. Well ! it is a part of capturing moments and it is as crucial as your journey is. And when it’s a road trip, gorgeous scenes and locations is must, and clicking selfies is a part of it.

3. Sitting at back, listening to the playlist and feeling the moment in 

well nothing could be better than living the moment which could catch up with the song that tune in. Undoubtedly ! this is one of the most crucial thing that happens with all of us whenever we carry a road trip.

4. Annoying each other so that you can live up the moment 

Well ! you know this pretty well…..

abhay deol gif

5. Stopping at ‘Dhabas’ wherever possible for roadside food.

Going to different places and returning without eating their local street food is no fun. Well ! most of us  believe that going to different places and trying what they are known for is the best part about a trip. While some of them prefer eating sophisticated, people like us trying out dhabas consider them way more exciting.

shah rukh khan eating golgappa gif

6. Finally ! reaching your destination 

This would rather feel better……

finally gif

7. And now,  riding back home with lots of memories 

bollywood travelling gif


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