It’s Diwali time and the favourite Indian festival of everyone. The preparation have been started related to festival like decoration of house, mithais have been ordered, the house is being cleaned. But the one thing which we are not going to do, is burning crackers because we’re going to do some better things rather than crackers. So Read and join our purpose to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali.


Do it yourself on this Diwali! Add the own decoration and personal touch to your home with the help of paper lantern, hangings etc.

2. Let Music Make Noise

No one can think of a better noise than music so build your own playlist of your favourite songs and dance the whole night with your loved ones. You will enjoy so much and it will also realise your neighbourhood that you are also celebrating Diwali.

3. Burn Calories, Not Crackers

Festival brings a number of special offers, so if you want to join whether a yoga class or gym membership, forget the crackers and set your focus to burning the calories.

4. Fill The Air With Laughter

Why fill the air with smoke when you can fill it with laughter? We all have relatives or friends who can laugh with us on witty one liners. you can also host an open mic night with your family and friends then spend the rest of your evening rolling on the floor.

5. Clean your inbox

On this diwali delete the mails, messages, old whatsapp conversations, that made you smile or cry. You’ve lived them enough and it’s the time to remove them.  And how long have you been keeping that job offers in your mail box? After deleting them you would be so proud and feel fresh because now your phone becomes new. So don’t burst crackers, just clean your inbox.

Say No To Crackers!!


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