The only name in adventure world which is known household, This British adventurer from Man v.s Wild has taken everything. From dessert spiders to drinking his own pee, climbed biggest rocks without harness, to jumping from highest possibilities. He had survived alot more than expected in drastic conditions where he barely have resources. This ridiculous dude (born Edward Michael Grylls), has turned 43 this 7 June. On this special day, we have some of this life threatening experience he had managed to survived from.

Basically, shooting for every second episode is no less from putting life on risk, but some of his experiences were so close to death that he is considered lucky that he survived. I mean even after swimming with sharks, wrestling with crocodiles, climbing hundred feet rocks and still landing safe, Isn’t it fortune !

Here are 5 times Bear Grylls has risk his life like never before :

Best of luck Bear. You would need it !


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