Small pet project transformed into a movement that is sweeping across the city.
If you take a look onto the street, what would you see ? garbage like plastic bottles ,
bags wrappers and a lot of litter basically. how many of you pick it and put it in the
nearest dustbin. keeping your environment and neighbourhood clean is the responsibility
of every citizen .

19452781_1519478578103966_4680032388770255899_o.jpg (700×467)
      24 year old guy Nangjop Thabah from shillong on june 26 , decided to take a solo cleaning
      campaign in his neighbourhood jaiaw laitdom , along with his young neighbour and his
      sister is capturing the whole process. he started #nolittershillong and start removing
      garbage thrown on to the streets.with his initiative , he urged more people to join the
First day on Facebook,he wrote, “What followed throughout the course of the drive were
folks looking along at us with quiet disdain to questions such as “Phi leh aiu?” (What
are you doing?) to more ridiculous ones like, “Phi ioh Scheme aiu na ka Sorkar”? (Which
Scheme are you getting from the government?) Apparently, one can’t do a good deed for the
local community without an agenda now.” However, he vowed to remain undeterred and
promised to continue his work.

he wrote “I shall continue this effort tomorrow and the day after that to other neighbourhoods of Shillong with a (cynical) belief that people shall realize the value of cleanliness and that littering simply isn’t cool,”.

Thabah has inspired so many people with the little help from social media.

Here are posts from people who joined this movement –

Salute to their spirit and efforts and we should also take a lesson from this and pledge to clean our neighbourhood.


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