Vikram Bhatt who is famous for his horror films like Raaz and 1920 series. The director released the 1921 trailer for and promises to be spookfest.

The trailer shows the story of character Ayush played by Karan Kundra. He goes to London to study music. And encounters paranormal activity there. So he reaches out to a character Rose played by Zareen Khan.

Both grow develop romantic feelings and get closer. But the spirits are hell-bent on destroying everything. The 1921 Trailer filled with scary and heart racing moments. The trailer gives a perfect tease for the movie.

For Zareen Khan, her first horror film while Karan Kundra has already worked with director Vikram Bhatt in the 2012 starrer Horror Story.

Watch The 1921 Trailer Here-

The horror flick is set to release on 12th January, 2018.


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