There are many types of kisses around this world. But little we know, and little we don’t know about. Every kiss offers something special and a connection with the other person. It could be a kiss of friendship, a warm greeting or a passionate kiss which gives you a strong vibe.

Kiss is a way to express the feelings and love for another person. From parents to partner, everyone can express their emotions with a kiss. Every kiss has a different meaning, it depends on the type of kiss. Basically, kisses define many emotions such as care, love, passion.

A kiss doesn’t always mean hot lip kiss or smooches, there are many types of romantic kisses and different kissing styles.

Here are 10 types of kisses and their meaning.

1. The Forehead Kiss

10 types of kisses

A kiss on the forehead shows deep affection and love. Basically, It’s an expression of admiration. It could be a kiss of friendship or starter kiss.

2. The Eskimo Kiss

10 types of kisses - romantic

A kiss when you softly rub your nose against your partner’s nose, back and forth. It’s affectionate and a perfect for starting the things.

3. Single Lip Kiss

10 types of kisses - single lip kiss

A kiss where you suck your partner lip between yours one. This one means that you are in love with your partner.

4. Earlobe Kiss

10 types of kisses - earlobe kiss

A kiss where you gently kissing the ear on the earlobes. This is one of the most intimate and romantic kiss between lovers.

5. The Cheek Kiss

types of kisses and their meaning

A kiss on the cheek with a hand on the arm. For some cultures, It’s meaning is hello or goodbye.

6. The Air Kiss

A Kiss which is done by giving a Mwaah in the air beside someone’s cheek. This one is popular among celebs, family and friends.

7. The Bite and Nibble

different types of kisses

A kiss with gentle bites and nibbles on nose, cheeks, chin, and neck. This is a deeply sensual kiss that exudes intimacy between lovers.

8. The French Kiss

types of kissing style

A Kiss where plenty of tongue action involves. This one is like just go with your emotions.

9. Kiss of an Angel

kiss and the meaning

A gentle kiss on someone’s eyelids and it is a sweet gesture between two people.

10. The Big Tease

types of kisses and their meaning

A kiss that can last for hours while starting from your partner’s forehead and making your way down.

If you know any other types of kisses & their meaning, let us know in the comments section below.


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