Priyanka Chopra is turned a big name ever since she landed to America and hollywood. Starting from her TV Debut, Quantico, and finally American baywatch, against Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Zac Efron,where she’s essaying the role of a villain. its been an amazing growth of hers from tip to toe. 

Now, for the promotion of the film with the best she can, she appeared in a recent talk with vogue. Actually, not just an ordinary interview, well ! as vogue is a global brand, the platform on which the interview is conducting isn’t ordinary too. It was a moment for life for Priyanka to be on Vogue’s 73 question platform which were brilliantly answered by P.C, From her favourite Hindi Idiom to having an one to one fight with clown, priyanka did it all candidly.


We gathered 10 best moments from Priyanka Chopra’s Interview which really shows her wittiness and classy yet sassy aura. 


Check it out here :






When she was asked by the interviewer to show some stunts, that she learned during shoot days of Quantico, She showed him like this :

For More Check out the video here :


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