Recently a lot of Indian players were in trouble after failing the test

In the last press conference, before leaving for Ireland Team India coach, Ravi Shastri was pretty much clear that whoever clears the test will travel with the national team. In a bold statement, he said that

“The philosophy regarding the yo-yo test is very simple. You pass you play, you fail you sail. Whosoever thinks that it is a one-off thing can take a walk. It is not going to go anywhere. The captain leads from the front, the selectors and the entire team management are on the same page.”

However, Jens Bangsbo, who is the founder of this much talked about the test, feels that the Indian cricket team isn’t just setting the right score and it is not good enough. Currently, a player must achieve a score of 16.1 to get selected which is low in comparison to New Zealand and England who have set it to 19 each.
Indian cricket Team
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The founder explained that this test is just an indicator, an application. “It is just another application. The players are not running to exhaustion just 5 minutes and heart rate is measured. It is a submaximal version which is also a very useful test to see the development. ” stated Jens.
Bangsbo has also been the football coach of Denmark and about the history and developing of this test he commented that “The Yo-Yo tests were developed in the early nineties, as the sports with intermittent exercise patterns were lacking appropriate tests. The performance is assessed as the distance covered in the test. Between each shuttle, there is a 5-or 10-second rest period and the participant finishes the test when he/she twice have not been able to complete the shuttle within the given time (speed is progressively increasing),”
The expert was then asked what should be the ideal score for the Asian players, he replied that “I am aware of the reference values for the football players, but level 16.1 (for Indian players) is rather low.”
The likes of Ambati Rayudu, Sanju Samson, and MD Shami have failed the test and ultimately losing their place in the national team.


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