The film ‘Why Cheat India’ starring Emraan Hashmi hit the theatres today. After a gap of two years, Emraan Hashmi is back with an entirely different look.

Why Cheat India story revolves around educational scams in India. Emraan Hashmi plays the character of a man who takes every advantage through dealings of the education world. The educational scams, particularly in medical and engineering entrance exams. While Emraan runs a business of hiring some bright students to write proxy exams for fake certificates.

Reviews have started flooding, while many loved it that the movie brings out the scam of the educational system in India. But many were disappointed due to the second half which is too boring.

If you’re in doubt whether you should go or not to watch ‘Why Cheat India’. Here are a few Twitter reviews through which you can decide whether you should book tickets or not.


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