In a shocking incident in Gorakhpur, two minor cousins were burnt with hot tongs and fed human excreta by their family for talking to boys of the same school.

How could someone behave this much cruel and monstrous with their own daughter? In rural and backward areas, the condition of girl is a big thing to discuss. This skin-crawling incident should serve as an eye-opener.

According to reports, two minor sisters were burnt with hot iron tongs and fed human waste by their own family members for association with boys who studied in the same school. Now, the girls are safe and under the shelter on a direction of Child Welfare Committee.

The victims narrated the horror story and said that they were burnt with hot tongs and forced to eat human excreta. The girls had escaped from the home in the night and went to Campirganj then fled to Nepal.

The girls were found in the bus bordering to Nepal, the Gorakhpur police spotted them and sent their family to take them back. They refused to go back with the family members, an NGO, Manav Seva Sansthan came up at the right time. With the help of NGO, Manav Seva Sansthan and the Nepal police, the girls were stopped from being handed over to the family who tortured them.

Pipiganj’s police station officer, Dinesh Mishra said that, In order to escape the torment, they made a run and took an auto to Campirganj, which is 34 kilometers north of Gorakhpur. They went towards the border and then fled to Nepal. Police added that the victims accused the family members of repeatedly burning with hot iron tongs and forcing to eat human waste.

The investigations are underway and the victims were brought back to Gorakhpur city and they’re safe with one SI of the NGO.


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