Google has selected 10 Indian media names for funding to curb fake news. Under the Google news Initiative, the funding will be provided to decrease an unprecedented rate of false news.

For the past few years, the trend of fake news is on peak and now Google is ready to fight against awful levels of false news. In March 2018, Google announced to invest $300 million towards curbing the menace of false news on platforms like Google News Search and YouTube. The company has also announced to invest $25 million to improve the YouTube content quality.

In June, Google started News Initiative Training Network to fight against misinformation by providing in-depth verification training to journalists across the world. Now, Google has selected 87 news organizations across many countries out of which 10 Media companies are in India.

These 10 Indian media companies including India Today Group, NDTV, Asianet News Media, Bharatiya digital party, FACTLY, Gaon Connection, Live Data Visualisation Pvt Ltd, Video Volunteers, NYOOOZ and ShepHertz will be funded by Google to curb false news.

The Google initiative has been focused to elevate quality journalism, empower news organizations and evolve business models to drive growth.

With an increase of Digital Penetration in India, it is essential to curb fake news because the impact of news could be harmful too. It’s difficult to decide whether the news is real or fake because many news is floating every day on Social media.

News influences people on an everyday basis and we can’t deny it. Recently, the PUBG game gains a lot of attention by some legal notice claiming to ban the PUBG game in India.

To avoid these circumstances in future, Google’s initiative is ready to fight against the fake news which is decreasing the standards of Journalism for TRP and diverting the traffic on their sites.

As we all know that social media platforms have continued to be a hotbed for spreading fake news. This initiative by Google will strengthen the quality journalism and obviously, no fake news will be on your feed.


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