A notice regarding PUBG game has gone viral on Social Media which states the ban on PUBG game by the High Court of Maharashtra. PUBG, in a very short duration, has become a sensation and whether you play this game or not but you can’t deny the craziness of people regarding PUBG.

However, the game has drawn a lot of attention and becomes the most popular game of 2018. But recently, a legal notice is spreading over social media stating the ban of PUBG game. We want to alert everyone that it’s fake news spreading on social media, you can also identify the mistakes in the legal notice which proved it to be a piece of fake news.

First and foremost, there is nothing like Maharashtra High Court because it’s Bombay High court.

Another important thing, it’s “magistrates”, not majestratives and in the last, prejudge is written on the notice, it’s not even a position in India. 

Another notice which is spreading on Social Media by Gujarat Police claiming that “If any people will be seen at the public place playing PUBG, the strict action will be taken against him and the mobile phone will be confiscated. To inform you about the notice, there has been no date mentioned, it’s a piece of false news.

Nowadays, the trend has been set regarding false news spreading on Social media. One person sent to another and then the news spreads everywhere, that’s how the loop works. The WhatsApp messages, Facebook posts contain some news which is a rumor that we believed on. But there are many factors to decide whether it’s fake news or a real one.

The notice mentioned above contains a lot of grammatically mistakes as well as incorrect information. There’s no official member with the name of K. Srinivasulu in the Indian Judiciary. If you get any news through Whatsapp or post, don’t trust blindly because it could be a fake piece of news. Try to inspect facts and everything about the news and then believe in it.

As we all know about the popularity of PUBG game and it’s entertaining around 30 million players daily on the game’s server. Suffice to say, the news regarding PUBG game is fake, so don’t worry but be aware.


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