Couples with a height difference tend to be happier than other couples. Scientifically, the tall husbands and Short Wives are the happier and perfect couple combination. There’s something about Tall boys that short girls fall for.

The study suggests that when the girl is short while a husband is tall, their life is better than others.

When it comes to a partner, everyone has their preferences and choices. Some people are focused on height, personality while some fall in love irrespective of everything. According to research, a tall husband and short wife made the best couple.

There are numerous reasons behind a tall husband and short wife living a happier and best life. Men love hugging women who are short because they like girl’s head on their chin. A hug is a key to happiness and the feelings connected with it are precious.

Apparently, there is a strong vibe that men feel good around short women. Short women look adorable all the time that men can’t stop themselves from protecting their partner.  And obviously, men want to protect their partner in every way.

Men feel inferior in front of tall women because the study suggests that tall women are more arrogant than short women. This is the reason behind men loving short women rather than tall women. It’s not applied to everyone as some exceptions exist and people have their personal choices regarding their partner.

Shorter girls are better to cuddle, imagine a tall boy and short girl cuddling each other, like what else a person want? Cuddling relives stress and makes you happy, and it helps you to sleep better.

Who needs a teddy bear, when you have a living, adorable little human teddy as your partner.

There is one more cute thing, you can pick short woman anytime and take her wherever you want to go. Every man wants a partner who can fulfill his needs. According to research, short women are more feminine due to higher estrogen level.

If you don’t have much difference between you and your partner, don’t feel disheartened because the relationship is based on love and more than any scientific study.


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