We may or  may not agree to this but certainly our ancestors were a lot smarter than what we are today. they didn’t just had knowledge of Science but also knew quite well how to make people follow their principles. what today is regarded as superstition and myth is age old scientifically proven facts,simplified by our ancestors so that even the one without the knowledge of Science could reap it’s benefits. They turned faith over reasons concept and that seem to be carried along all the way till date.

Here are some superstitious and must follow myths that are actually scientifically proven facts.

Using lemon and green chilies to avert buri nazar

The vitamin rich qualities of lemon and chilly made our ancestors, propagate their usage to encourage its intake, which slowly turned into nimbu totka.

The science behind it is that the cotton thread which is used to pierce the chillies and lemon absorbs the acid from the fruit whilst it is fresh. This smell keeps the pests and insects away from the shops. This is a simple pesticide which came into practice from ancient times, which is mislead now superstitiously.

A girl shouldn’t do certain things while she is menstruating

Those five days, when there were no sanitary pads and commercial painkillers, were very stressful for women with cramps and pain in body. So, women did not work during those days because of discomfort and were asked to take complete bed rest that  slowly became a ritual and degraded to the form of a superstition.

Throwing coins in to a river for good luck

The time when rivers were the only source of drinking water and coins were made up of copper unlike the steel coins of today, throwing coins in the river was one way our fore-fathers ensured the intake of sufficient copper as a part of water since it is a useful metal for the human body. Copper also helped in keeping the river water fresh.  And undoubtedly our ancestors considered health as the greatest wealth.

Don’t sleep with your head facing the north

When we sleep with head towards north, our body’s magnetic field become completely asymmetrical to the Earth’s giant Magnetic field that can cause problems related to blood pressure and our heart needs to work harder to overcome this asymmetry of Magnetic fields.

Indian women wear toe rings in second toe after marriage

A particular nerve from the second toe connects the uterus and passes to heart. Silver, being a good conductor of electricity, absorbs polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body, which helps uterus to strengthen and regularize menstrual cycle.

Ring bell before entering the inner sanctum of temple

The sound of bell is so sharp and enduring that it clears our mind and helps us to keep our full concentration on devotional purpose. The sound produced creates a unity in the Left and Right parts of our brains and lasts for minimum of 7 seconds in echo mode.

Applying henna on the wedding ceremony

Mehendi (henna), being a medicinal herb, prevents the stress, cools the body and keeps the nerves from becoming tense. Since the wedding ceremony creates an excitement mixed with nervous anticipation for the bride and groom, mehendi is applied on the hands and feet which house nerve endings in the body. Thus keeping the body cool and relaxed.

Swallow Tulsi leaves, never chew

Though the tulsi leaf is healthy, it contains little amount of arsenic whose direct chewing can cause the teeth to become yellow or results in the degradation of enamel.



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