India: the oldest civilization and a diversity fledged & culture rich country,that was once called the golden bird may seem to be developing  infra structurally and technically but the greatest threat to the country sovereignty can be visibly seen with the everyday difference of opinion among the very leaders who are supposed to unite the country.  Well difference of opinion is not really a major problem until it turns into a block in the path pf development and unity of the country.

When poverty, unemployment and other major issues should have been the point of discussion and resolve, we are stuck between whether Iftaars and RSS meetings should be attended or not.  The state of Politics can be very well defined with the trolls and meme that flood the social media these days taking a peck at the country’s pitiful  condition. The  best of all the prominent things that come as news are the airport looks,beauty apps  trolls and who said what rather than what needs to be done. Although the basic factors like GDP and other economic factors may have shown a notable rise but still there’s a gulf that still needs to be bridged to rename India with  the tag of a Fully developed nation from a mere and slow developing country. India has been this tag hanging to her since so many decades and this slow development process can certainly be attributed to certain factors.

The basis of livelihood in the country Agriculture doesn’t seem to be in any improving condition anywhere near. Above all the death of the farmers in the country is now more a point of political point gain game rather than showing any actual concerns. With 5,650 Farmer  Suicides in 2014 the numbers have only risen to 6,867 in 2016 and to an utter disappointment in 2017 the Center told the Supreme Court that around 12,000 farmer suicides take place every year. Where do we think we are heading? The question is a bigger question mark on our definition of development.  The one who feeds the country is left to starve and die. Certainly our development standards are way too high where the motive lies only in making the poor more poor and the rich more richer. The stats on unemployment show a mere fluctuation between 4.1 to 3.5 between 2007 to 2017.

With India ranking 131 out of 188 countries in the Human Development Index  and with 11 out of our 12 cities ranked highest in the pollution list we are certainly heading way too close to development benchmarks. 

Despite all the loopholes  very distinctly visible do we still feel Communal ism and religion is something that should occupy the national headlines? Then we should be really sorry for ourselves and India. Well with such development measures even thinking of actual development seems a distant dream. The government as well as the opposition  needs to rise above Iftaar and RSS and talk about development as whole and in actual sense rather than just hovering over not very relevant issues for a developing country like India.

Or the least we can expect is to reach the status of a developed country when our own polluted cities will suffocate our citizens to death and our barren lands would starve us to death and then merely with a piece of land we may or may not be a developed country even then.


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