Stree Movie Review: Just like every horror film is expected to start with a good camera panning, framing the horrific places, sets and an initial plot to make the environment in the theatre. It was just exactly the same, director Amar Kaushik went well with this expectation of the beginning where the camera panning and initial frames took the audience towards the formation of the story of STREE (WITCH).

Coming to talk about the story of the movie, it is as simple as the trailer is telling you (with a little more details of hows and whys). Since it is a combination of Horror and Humor, the filmmakers kept the concept of the movie very clear and so it precisely reflected in the movie (scene after scene). After the plot formation of STREE, the screenplay takes us to innocent, magical and interesting Vicky (Rajkumar Rao). The story goes a little slow in the first half.

Stree Movie Verdict

But, believe you me, it is worth the wait for the second half. What second half holds for an audience is quite worthy. The good thing is, the makers kept the screenplay in a good pace, didn’t really get this feeling that the second half is messy.

STREE is a kind of movie which will give you some feminist lessons in the comedy and in a little spooky way.

Coming to the performance of the actors Rajkumar Rao did a commendable job in this movie. Whether the expression or the accent with good acting skills. He nailed it.

After him, the characters that I found interesting were Rudra (Pankaj Tripathi), Jana (Abhishek Banerjee), Bittu (Aparshakti Khurrana). Even being into the side roles, they nailed it.

You must be thinking why I did not include Shraddha Kapoor in the interesting list? It is because of the aura that she created through her acting in the movie was more than interesting. Her acting was good, kept the audience suspicious till the end about her character.

Stree Movie Verdict

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For this movie, the big credit goes to Sumit Arora for DIALOGUE WRITING, and then after the adaptation of those dialogues. It was really entertaining when Rajkumar Rao said,

“Sau baat ki ek baat, ladki jo bolti hai, ladka karta hai”

Also, when his father (Atul Srivastava) was trying to explain what swayam seva is.

few more direct from the movie (Wink!)

“Sama tum meri zindagi me aa rhi ho, mai zindagi le kar aa rha hun” said Pankaj Tripathi

Stree Movie Verdict

Prostitute to Vicky, “chal mujhe paise de, tere dost ne mujhse friendship ki aur paise nhi diye”


There are total 4 songs in the movie, none of them seemed forced in between the story. Background score given by Ketan soda,  was justifiable as it matched with the scenes precisely.

Final Verdict

What I think is, stories like this couldn’t be formed with any other genre than comedy. It is because if we’ll take out the humorous part of STREE, the film apparently left with no entertainment with horror.

Go to your nearest theatres with the complete expectations of getting entertained. Don’t go to get scared because this movie is horrific humour (if you know what I mean. Wink! )


I rate this movie with 3 stars.



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