Coffee is one of our favorite things that we all love and can easily change our mood. Well, who doesn’t love a cup of delicious coffee? Here we’ve a good news for all coffee addicts out there, Starbucks is giving all beverages for just Rs. 100 on October 6th. 

It’s the time for all coffee lovers to fulfill their soul with a sip of coffee, because Starbucks is offering a treat which you won’t be able to deny at any cost. You can enjoy any tall beverage at any outlet of Starbucks in India.

The company Starbucks itself tweeted, “Celebrate the love for coffee with rich Macchiatos, delicious Cold Brew, super smooth Nitro, Java Chip & much more! We will treat you to any tall beverage of your choice at INR 100 on 6 Oct across all our stores.”


A lot of things can happen over coffee like the best gossip, catch-up with your group. So, here we listed these 5 amazing drinks to order on 6th October.

 1. Java Chip Frappuccino

Starbucks is a heaven for coffee lovers and this beverage proves it why. Mocha blended with choco chips, milk, ice and topped with whipped cream is the one which is all time favourite, so get it at ₹100.

2. Mocha Hazelnut Crunch Frappuccino 

Coffee and hazelnut is equal to utter perfection. This is a blend of espresso with bittersweet mocha, milk with whipped cream, creamy hazelnut syrup and the nutty flavour of crumbs on top. So this one is a must try and you have to pay just ₹100 for it.

3. Irish Cream Frappuccino

This is the new entry to the Starbucks menu and this frappuccino has a base of coffee pudding with topping of rich Irish cream with fluffy espresso cream and ground espresso powder, so get it at ₹100.

4. White Chocolate Mocha

Magic happens when the rich espresso meets white chocolate and this one espresso combined with white chocolate sauce, steamed milk and end up with sweetened whipped cream. So this one is a must try and you have to pay just ₹100 for it.

5. Caramel Macchiato 

What goes best with coffee, yes caramel of course. This one is a cup of steamed milk with vanilla flavoured syrup topped over the richest espresso with caramel drizzle for a good cup of coffee, so get it at ₹100.

These are just 5, but you can try out any drink from their menu for just ₹100. Go try them all and enjoy your day with the yummy beverages.



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