India The biggest democracy or the largest Rape Capital?
India a country where Women have been through countless tortures and have also gone through certain restrains but then parallely have also been worshiped as goddess. Well it is certainly disappointing to see A country that has still largely supported women openly being declared as the most unsafest countries for women.  And this open  declaration of India turning into a dangerous country for women has certainly taken over the minds of a lot Indians now.
Well if we delve a little more into this declaration by Reuters the very reputed News agency we will know that this declaration is not based on any data or actual report. It would be more interesting to know that this declaration has been entirely made on the basis of around 598 expert perceptions whoes origin and profession is not actually known. Well this Perception poll conducted by Reuters may or not actually depict the actual condition of the Country,but certainly depicts the perception of very own Indian Experts.
The question that lies in front of us is that if India is not a safe place for women where are they suppose to go now? Pakistan, Afghanistan,Saudi or may be some other safe country than India Probably. OK so putting satire and sarcasm apart the unsafe and vulnerable women of the country would prefer shifting to a more safer place like UK or USA or France may be. But then before we look on to these countries as a safe country.
Lets have a look at the data that reveals these countries as a lot more unsafe than India with USA having reported around 1,13,695 rape cases and Brazil 49,929 cases i still feel India is a little safer than these countries with 33,707 cases(NCRB 2013). Even one rape is a heinous crime but shaming your own nation is a graver crime.
A very crucial part that is being played in shaming the nation is that of our very responsible national Media that is nowhere to been seen when India does something constructive but hypes rapes and murder with an intense coverage.
Have we ever heard about USA being the unsafest country despite of highest number of rape cases? Obviously No! But the news of Indian rapes reach Beyond 7 seas because every citizen in the country is all ready to shame the country.
For how long are we going to hold just placards with changing names. it’s high time we try and find a solution for it rather than just screaming and howling and shaming the country. Because it’s amongst us where the criminal resides and by continuously singing about the crimes we merely encourage their sins. So what needs to be changed first is our perceptions and our vision to work on solutions rather than hyping the problem.
It’s high time that we understand that it’s our country and shaming would only bring disgrace to us.


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