After 20 years, Rekha mesmerized everyone with her performance at the IIFA Awards 2018 which is being held in Bangkok, Thailand. It is true that the grace of a woman never dies. The living proof of it is our Bollywood ’s very own Umrao Jaan Rekha who lit up the stage last night.

The buzz and anticipation of her performance have started really early. There was already a prior notice of the performance but the songs remained disclosed at that time. It was as if everyone got transported back to the 90’s when she performed on Indian cinema’s classics like ‘Thade Rahio’ and ‘Jab Pyaar Kiya to Darna Kya’. A snippet of her performance at IIFA was tweeted by Colors TV, have a look at it…

There was an aura of nostalgia created. With the perfect backdrop and pink lightings, the mood was set. Every step of hers’ was like a feather floating. It was iconic to watch her groove to the music. Even after 20 years Rekha still possess the charm to capture everyone’s attention and keep them hooked!

Her comeback is definitely a proud moment for the Indian Cinema along with her fans. Although she was inactive on the silver screen, her fan following never seizes to grow. Since her first film in 1966 as a child artist in Rangula Ratnam to today, she has achieved and contributed a lot to the Indian Cinema.

Rekha once quoted,

“Bombay was like a jungle, and I had walked in unarmed. It was one of the most frightening phases of my life… I was totally ignorant of the ways of this new world. Guys did try and take advantage of my vulnerability. I did feel, “What am I doing? I should be in school, having an ice-cream, fun with my friends, why am I even forced to work, deprived of normal things that a child should be doing at my age?” Every single day I cried, because I had to eat what I didn’t like, wear crazy clothes with sequins and stuff poking into my body. Costume, jewelry would give me an absolute terrible allergy. Hair spray wouldn’t go off for days even despite all my washing. I was pushed, literally dragged from one studio to another. A terrible thing to do to a 13-year-old child.”

Her story from rags to riches is inspiring. From being deprived of love and attention to having the affection of crores of people, her journey has been a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs. Now, at 63 she is a woman with utter poise and has earned herself respect through her art.


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