You may have heard that “Smoking Kills”, but we don’t even mind to risk our health in the name of fun and pleasure. When it comes to quit smoking, people find one reason or another one to stick on. Here we have listed Quit Smoking Quotes that will give you an inspiration and motivation to quit smoking.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), there are one billion people who smoke in the world, which means around seventh of the global population. Tobacco use kills around or more than 7 million people every year. Nicotine is the main drug in tobacco that causes addiction. As we all know it is not easy to get out from the addiction. But it is not impossible, if you set your mind to it.

People usually says that Quitting smoking is one of the difficult task, but nothing is difficult if you’re strong enough. If you really want to quit smoking, you have to take control of yourself. Remind yourself the positive point of quitting smoking and try to be on track.

Here are 10 Quit Smoking Quotes that will surely help you.


“You don’t need cigarettes to complete yourself. The happiness, comfort that you are seeking, is already inside you.”


“Decision is an important thing and a major step. Once you decide to quit smoking then nothing will stop you.”


“Don’t wait for life to change, because nothing will change automatically. Take a step and set your mind to quit smoking.”


“Stick on your decision to quit smoking and be happy because you are going to choose a smoke free life.”


“You know what’s holding you back is your so called beliefs that quitting smoking is too difficult or you can’t quit. But, try to believe in yourself and you will surely quit smoking.”


“Addiction is your weakness and to quit smoking, you need confidence and believe. Remind your mind and heart that you can do it.”


“You will be a happy non-smoker, if being a smoker stops defining you. Whatever the reason of your smoking, it can’t be bigger than you.”


“Don’t wait for a time to quit smoking, it will not come. The perfect time to quit smoking is right now.”


“We understand that quitting smoking doesn’t happen overnight. So, follow the steps and take one by one step to stop smoking. You can also search about it on Internet, there are many methods to quit smoking.”


“Live a smoke free life because your life belongs to you. You are bigger than your addiction.”

The best time to act is right now, because it’s your life so try to make it healthy and happy.

Images Designed By : Anupam Singh 


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