The former Miss World, UNICEF member, Bollywood’s most popular and talented actress and the global icon. With great work there comes big responsibilities. And no matter what celebrities do, people talk about each and everything at least once.  Peecee has been in the controversies lately, sometimes people suggested her how she should sit in front of the honourable Prime Minister, sometimes she was being trolled on social media for presenting Indian National flag’s tricolour on the occasion of Independence Day.

Down here there are some incidents when Priyanka Chopra has been trolled on social media and reasons behind them (according to people who trolled)


the first incident happened around the National Independence Day i.e. on 15 August when Priyanka Chopra uploaded a video on Instagram, wearing a Tri-Colour Scarf, it was a tribute to Independence day from her side, but out of no reason she got trolled on social media.

She was also questioned as to why she wasn’t wearing a sari or a traditional Indian attire on Independence Day. And recently someone commented by addressing her recent Quantico dialogue, which apparently is taking internet on the storm.

have a look, on the comment,



Everyone knows Priyanka Chopra works with UNICEF an initiative to educate refugee (children of Syria), last year when she was in Jordan. she has been working with UNICEF since 12 years. And throughout the whole trip, she was updating every part of the trip via pictures and videos.

she stated,  Let’s take this trip together… let’s open our eyes and our hearts to the #ChildrenUprooted in the Syrian Refugee crisis. This will be our #MissionForChildren. Let’s show them that the world cares and help them find a way forward.. come along with me.. I’ll update as much as I can and in as much detail as I can… @Unicef #PCInJordan??#syrianrefugees??#ChildrenOfSyria

and on social media, she got trolled for this as well,

to which PeeCee replied after few minutes,


A social Diva, that is an inspiration for many people, got trolled on social media all over again for her lips,

NOW, that was weird, because who gives these people a right to troll celebrities that too on topics like these, which does not make any sense in particular.

so this was her post,

Summer lovin… 🌊🥂🙏🏼😌 #carfiesunday

A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on Jul 2, 2017 at 7:49am PDT


on this some user commented “Surgery gone wrong”,

but, Priyanka Chopra got some chill and did not reply anything to the trollers.


The controversy revolved around Priyanka Chopra when Priyanka Chopra, when she had a meeting with Honourable Prime Minister and she was looking ravishing,

here is her look,

People trolled her just because her legs were visible, some advised her that she should have worn Indian suits or something ethnic in respect for the honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Recently a clip from Priyanka’s American Series got viral on social media and the reason is Priyanka Chopra in the latest episode of Quantico is seen presenting Hindu Nationalists planning a Nuclear Attack and blaming on Pakistan.

and people just needed a reason to sit behind a system and type,

And here is the video:



“There is a difference between raisin a voice against something unethical, taking a stand and trolling someone.”

Is this ever going to Stop?



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