The rumors of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas being engaged to each other is spreading like a wildfire. And why shouldn’t it be, they have been spotted almost everywhere holding hands in hand and with their latest trip to Goa, the rumors are starting to sound true. Their relationship is heating up the internet constantly with their pictures. Now, amidst all these cute dinners, lunches and vacation photographs everyone is going wild about the new outbreak of off the record news.

They have already been seen sporting matching rings which might be to depict their promise of loyalty towards each other. And then there were also photographs which showed them holding each other’s hands too. According to the reports from Mumbai Mirror, Priyanka’s wrist was covered in beads which suggested a symbolism for a mangalsutra.


Priyanka Chopra's engagement
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Their pictures are going viral and making the audience extremely curious about the budding relationship between the two. What is in the plain sight is something that is so obvious and none of us can deny! They both do have some chemistry and are surely taking the next step. Even though none of them have commented anything officially, we can only speculate what is going on behind the lens.

Mumbai Mirror also reports that Nick proposed Priyanka far back, even before the news of her meeting his parents at the wedding. It is the same wedding of Nick’s cousin at New Jersey which actually reignited the spark of these trending news reports. They both met at the 2017 Met Gala where both were adorning Ralph Lauren. Since then the rumors of them dating have been in the air. The question that is still intriguing is how did Jonas would have proposed her?

We are now just waiting for both of them to actually make an official announcement about what we all are already assuming! Although Nick’s Instagram story featuring Priyanka with the caption “Her” with an eye-heart emoticon does say a lot! (Wink!)

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