Pranab Mukherjee has become the center of attention since he has accepted the invite to Sangh Shiksha Varg as the chief guest. The recent event is one of the most important annual function of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s held on 7th June.

The pre-member of Congress has time and again shown how he wants to serve the nation and not a particular party’s ideologies. His diplomatic moves have left us questioning his return into the politics as the next prime minister of the country in the upcoming elections if the situation permits.

We have already noticed his keen interest in still being a part of Indian Government system. And to add to it, though there has been no prior incident of a pre-President of the country becoming the prime minister, there is no law against it.

BJP’s reign is trembling down after his major decisions like demonetization and GST. People are not exceptionally happy about his working policies. The party is in a vulnerable position in various states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The situation is not suitable for the party in Maharashtra and Rajasthan too.

But voters are also not sure about Congress, reviewing its past history and the way it has conducted the country. They want to be sure of the hands that are going to have the power for nations well being. Congress leaders are not in the position of having that trust amongst the majority.

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With Pranab Mukherjee’s clean slate in this area, he will prove to be the best candidate at the moment. His vast experience in the working of the system and uncontroversial presidency has garnered enough people on his side who would be happy to be his supporter. He can be the figure who can stand on the pedestal against the super active current Prime Minister Narendra Modi and have the chance to succeed.

The question that remains is who would Sonia Gandhi prefer? Because just like Pranab Mukherjee, Sharad Pawar is also growing his roots and connections and can be called an emerging figure who might become a strong contender in the future.

One more interesting food for thought is the fact that even BJP will prefer a candidate in the opposition who is not there for vendetta and hostile politics but to work for a better cause and in peace.


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