In the interim of songs like ‘baby doll’ and ‘move your luck’, being the buzz in Bollywood and its audience,  artists like Piyush Mishra are still keeping the soulful art alive through their words. The melody and magic still prevail in the lyrics of these few legendary peoples’ works.

Denizen of Gwalior, Piyush Mishra is an Indian film and theater artist, music director, lyricist, singer and along with all these, he is a scriptwriter too. His write-ups are a proof that he has beautiful thoughts about love, life, and dreams and he amazingly weaved them into sentences with which anyone can relate self.

Let’s reminisce the work of legendary Piyush Mishra,
Here is a list:-
  1. As we all know Words hold power. Words are bandage; words can be used as a weapon sometimes. There are deeper meanings to what is being told on the surface. Piyush Mishra in this quote described a state of emotion where a lover waits for the intrinsic feeling from his/her beloved after a love letter.

2. As the famous adage spells it out to us ‘expectations hurt’. Life is simple. We are the ones making it inconsequentially complex. We are never happy with what we already have. We want more. And isn’t wanting more the root cause of all our unhappiness. So let’s learn something from this advice given by this finest artist.


3. Working twenty-four seven is has become a common thing now. But ultimately what is this all hard work for! Family and luxury! What is the use of it when you don’t even have time apart to be yourself, to introspect, to be in a sudden strangeness of silence! Every single moment lost is every second of you merely existing and not living!

4. Loving is not unconditional. Hypothetically love is when you know the person is not perfect but you still accept them for who they are. We have our own conditions to be satisfied. Love without hope of finding that perfect match is a myth. Piyush Mishra summed up the complicated love scenario in a beautiful way.


5. Love is blind and it makes you handicapped for thinking rationally and seizes you in a tight cocoon of emotional blunders. Love is capable enough to make us go as opposite to what we are as possible.


6. Ironically, people will always be there to share your happiness because everyone looks up to the sun that is rising but in the times when you are at the apex of being low, we barely see a person beside.
Ah! glad, poetries like these exist to console are deary innocent heart <3.


7. Your goals need a lot of sacrifices on your part. The legend is telling us the right thing, you need to keep aside your short-term luxuries to achieve the long term success.


8. That is finely said by artist Piyush Mishra, the feeling is very clingy, leaving us unsure about what to do and what to feel? Thanks to this quote, at least by sharing this with our other half, we are able to express how it is.

 9. Presenting yourself (without being you) to others is always going to be a waste of time and energy. Everyone is going to scrutinize each and every aspect of your behavior and gestures. And as we know finding flaws in everyone and everything has become a common human behavior.

So, here is a TIP !

10. We always put boundaries to our self. The famous scriptwriter quoted this quite romantically, how we set certain bars and then cross them when we find something or someone worthy of crossing it.

Shayari makes things relatable and sometimes works as a healer.

comment down your favorite one from the collection of Piyush Mishra.


the images are designed by Anupam Singh

the article has been submitted by Manaswini 



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