Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed the left government in Kerala and Congress-led UDF opposition on Sabarimala issue. The comment of PM Modi on Sabarimala states that communists do not respect India’s religion, culture, and spirituality.

The Supreme Court verdict ended the ban on women to enter into Sabarimala temple but the massive protests against the verdict proved that the mentality of some people has not changed.

In an inauguration of some project in Kerala, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “The government’s conduct on Sabarimala is the most shameful action of any government.” He added, “We know CPM government do not respect spirituality, religion, and culture, but no one thought that it would turn so shameful”.

CPI also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a tweet and said, “Shameful that Modi attacked the LDF Govt for implementing Supreme Court’s order.”

With attacking the LDF Govt, he also slammed the multiple stands taken by Kerala Government in the state. He added, “The UDF and the Congress has multiple stands. One thing in Parliament and a different thing in Pathanamthitta. One thing on Monday while a different thing on another day.”

We all know the BJP’s stand on this issue which is against the Supreme Court’s decision. This is how politics works in our Country, they all fight for vote banks over every issue.

On January 3rd, a young woman entered the shrine for the first time after three months of protests. Will Women get right to Pray?


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