The internet is a big space with so many hidden gems in it which are yet to be discovered. It is a public sphere where one can rise to fame in just a few hours or it can be the demise of their public image. It is a vicious platform. You can exploit it in many ways not just as a user to showcase your own talent but as an audience to search art that suits you.

The music industry is one such business that utilizes it to its core. Not just renowned personalities who have already established themselves but the rookies who have just started to represent their work.

Garnering audience gets a bit difficult for the ones who have just started. It might take some time for something that is really good to become famous. Though once discovered, it spreads like a wildfire.

A similar case happened with the song ‘Daru Badnaam Kardi’. Sung by Kamal Kahlon and Param Singh the song was successful in making it to the hitlist. The song was uploaded on Youtube on December 24, 2016. It took the song almost two years when it rose to fame and was appreciated by many. Today it has 254,246,021 views and 1.8M likes. With such sudden craze about the song audience demanded another super hit from the duo and here it is!

The two viral sensations have released a yet another Punjabi song titled  ‘Jhanjhar’ under the label of ‘VIP Records’. The song has already crossed 1.4 million views in less than 24 hours.

Watch the song here and listen to it for yourself…

*Spoiler Alert*

The Music video showcase how the two music artists are trying to find inspiration for their new song and it comes their way in the form of a woman. Then the song continues to be about wooing the lady. At the end of the video, the guys are quiet disappointed because their chase was futile. The lady is already with another guy!







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