The glamorous actress from TV screen miss Hina Khan got trolled on social media once again. Recently ex Bigg Boss contestant Hina Khan uploaded her images while doing yoga on the occasion of world yoga day. Just after that Hina Khan started to get trolled by trollers on social media platform FACEBOOK.  Few people were asking her to read  Namaz, and few were asking if she has some shame left or not?

That was the incident with which everybody got normal, then again Hina Khan uploaded another sizzling picture of her.  The moment was enough to get people active behind their mobile and desktop screens. One troller asked her ‘to be ashamed of what she is doing’, another one commented ‘shame on you’.

Height was when a user of facebook commented,

“your’e Muslim, have some shame”

However, there were some users who appreciated the new avatar of Hina Khan. one user commented ‘extremely beautiful Hina, few people only talk crap for any post’

This is what Hina Khan uploaded on Facebook,

she captioned her post with, “Your life does  not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”

and that is how a user trolled Hina,

and one comment with an appreciation came like,

Hina Khan was a contestant in Bigg Boss, in the show she was the first runner-up. Hina always stays fit. She is one of the fit and glamorous actresses. Hina updates regular posts on social media while doing gym, and exercises.




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