On her first visit as US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley held various important meetings to discuss ways to strengthen India-US relationship.


Sources said that during her bilateral meeting on Wednesday with external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj, regional issues in the context of the United Nations (UN) came up where India discussed the issue of “Pakistan” and “cross-border terrorism”.

Nikki Haley, according to a source, highlighted President Trump’s ‘South Asia Strategy’ and reiterated her government’s strong commitment towards counter-terrorism efforts. The conversation between minister Swaraj and the US envoy also revolved around issues related to trade and investment. she also met Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The statement released by the Prime Minister’s office said that both sides expressed “confidence” in a strong India-US partnership which was important for global “peace” and “security”.

“Both the dignitaries discussed ways to enhance India- US cooperation including on counter-terrorism and in multilateral fora”, said the statement.

In her statement, she said “This really is a reminder of how much we value culture and how much India values culture. It is a reminder of where we came from and we all need to preserve it… It really comes down to the people who share the values of freedom and democracy”, she said.


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