Being the 2nd largest state in terms of Geography after Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh has seemigly taken the leap of faith and seem to have almost touched the lines of development to quite some extent. Having a closer and keen look at the developmental parameters of the state there are a lot of chinks that need to be patched before we can boast about the states Development saga.

20  farmer Suicides in 6 weeks very clearly mock the Krishi Karman Award trophies that Madhya Pradesh won for 3 consecutive years. Although there has been a notable 20% growth in 2013-2014 from 9.3%.

Where the state has been termed as second highest in terms of Agriculture growth rate.Between 2014-2015 the Agri-GDP of the state grew 9.4% only 2nd to Gujrat. But still the earnings of an average farm household in Madhya Pradesh remain among the lowest.  This clearly depicts that although the Agriculture recovery  in the state has been great enough but the distribution of gains and rural wages have been inadequate and unequal.The state has also developed it’s storage capacity from 9million tonnes 5 years ago to 15 Million tonnes at present,that has further decreased the wastage of food due to lack of storage according to FSSAI.

M.P. is today considered as a revenue surplus state,whose Per Capita Income has increased from 13,000 to 59,000. despite it has to be noted that in 2005-06 Madhya Pradesh had a woophing gap of 39% with India’s PCI and after its so called developmental it managed to patch this gap with a mere 2% and still a gap of 37% gap lingers in between India PCI and M.P.’s PCI. this certainly can’t be termed as a notable development with a mere 2% increase in 12 years.

In terms of Power Supply from 4,000megawatt to 14,000 megawatt. M.P. today is a power surplus state with the largest solar Panel in Neemuch and ongoing power projects in Rewa and other states of M.P.

The state also has recorded the highest Child Mortality Rate but then on parallel lines 34% of its Primary Healthcenters are operated without doctors. This mockery can be analysed with out of 1,771 position for doctors in PHC 46% remained vacant as of in march 31,2017. That makes for a total of 34% PHC operating without doctors. That only contributing to the virtual development of infrastructure merely.

Inspite of noting an increase in Female Literacy Madhya Pradesh still satnds at quite lower stage than India in terms of high school dropout rates that has increased from 44% i 2005-06 to 59% in 2016.

The state can be attributed to highest crime rates where one women is raped every two hours and 3rd highest in the rank of reported crimes under IPC and 4th highest rate of reported cases in the countryat a rate of 13.1%  according to NCRB.

Between 2006-2016 the crime rates against children have increased from 5.9%per 100000 to 45.7 per 100000. Madhya Pradesh tops in Juvenile crime with 17 victims per day. The numbers have only increased from 94,172 in 2015 to 1,06,958 in 2016 with a 13.6% rise.

With this idea of Virtual development the ground reality of the state of Madhya Pradesh has quite a catastrophic story of its development that somewhere seems to be dangling in air with the idea of actual development nowhere to be seen.


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