The Elections have always been a deciding factor in the Indian Politics and have also played an important role in Democracy of the country. With each elections and its result a lot of revelations and public verdict decides the fate of the country. Well the elections don’t just bring around the Parties consideration for the public but also activates their hawk eye for the opposition.

With the Madhya Pradesh Legislative assembly elections around the corner lets have a look at the recent political trends in the state. From the trends of ticket Distribution on the basis of Money and Muscle power to the electoral expenditures.

Stats and Strategies

Indian National Congress and Bhartiya Janta Party has always been the prominent political parties in the state of Madhya Pradesh.The present government is led by Shivraj Singh Chouhan, a BJP party worker. Prior to Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Babulal Gaur and Uma Bharti from the same BJP were the chief ministers of the state. The state was governed by Mr. Digvijay Singh of the Congress party before the last election. Looking at the current political status of the state the with a total of 230 constituencies and 2000 candidates Madhya Pradesh has only 7% of women candidates that comprises a total number of 181 women candidates. The candidates don’t really seem to be rule abiding with only 29% of its candidates filing the (ITR) Income Tax Return.

Having a look at the electoral background of the state during the 2013 Assembly Elections

The Revelations show that the 62% of total MLA’s have shown election expenses of less than 50% 16 lakhs that is the total election Expenditure limit. Wherein the partywise expenditure limit shows that BJP spent the least of its expenses that accounts for 7.52 lakhs of 16lakhs with 154 MLA’s.( i.e. 47% of the expense Limit), INC with 48 MLA’s Spent 8.13Lakhs i.e.51% of the expense limit. For 4 BSP MLA’s 5.22 lakhs were spent that accounts for 33% of the expense limit.


Limited or Limitless

Well the most surprising fact that can be noticed is despite the lavish rallies and campaigns BJP with the most number of MLA’s spent the least within the limit of its electoral Expenses. This is absolutely next to impossible. Well this points out to another fact that the MLA’s that were given tickets had enough personal wealth to campaign for themselves and this yet reveals another fact that the trend of ticket Distribution on the basis of money and muscle power still seems to trend. The reports yet have another data that reveals that out of the 2000 candidates 16% have ciminal cases registered against them and around 11% have serious criminal cases that accounts for around 776 candidates and a total of 27% of the entire lot holds criminal records with 19% of total candidates declared as crorepatis. The data according to the Association for Democratic Reforms reveals that among the winner lot of 226 candidates 69 winners have declared criminal cases against them and 71% of them are crorepatis. Well in the winning lot the honest candidtes seem to have quite a decent number with around 72% (175) of them filing the ITR return. Wherein the women winner candidates still seem to trail around with 13%.

Well the changing trends of the elections with Money Equalling to power has taken over the Indian Politics to a great extent.

The Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections are around the corner and will certainly turn all eyes towards them with the entire country excited about the tug of war between the Parties the electoral drama would be a sure watch out for all those seeking power and position.


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