We often listen to the stories of women breaking the stereotypes and reaching new horizons. Today, the story of Bhavana Kasturi will make you proud as she becomes the first woman officer who will lead a 144 Jawan contingent on the 71st Army Day parade on January 15.

It’s after 23 years, the Army Services Corps Contingent will participate in this parade. It will be more special because for the first time, a lady officer, will lead a contingent in the Army Day Parade. The raising day of the Indian army and republic day parade will be celebrated on 15 January 2019.

For the first time, the parade also includes the display of K9 Vajra-T artillery and M777 A2 Ultra Light Howitzer.

Every year on January 15th, the Army Day is celebrated to commemorate Lieutenant General KM Cariappa who took over Commander-in-Chief General Sir Francis Butcher in January 1949. January 15th also pays homage to valorous soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the nation and its citizens. The rising day, as well as republic day, is celebrated through parades and some other military shows in the New Delhi as well as in the military headquarters.

Lieutenant Bhavana Kasturi said that “This shows the kind of acceptance of women in the Army, the change and the evolutions in the entire organization.” Kasturi appreciated the army for the opportunity of leading a 144 Jawan Contingent On Army Day. She added, it was symbolic of the evolution and the change that is taking place.

In 2015, on January 15th, some lady officers from the tri-services lead their contingents, each drawn from the Air Force, Army and the Navy.

The parade led by Sub-Inspector Stanzin Noryang from Ladakh, but the team comprised some bold and daring women from all the states in the country.

The Republic day will be special this time because earlier never a woman officer lead a parade in Indian Army’s history.



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